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Annual Fly-In

One of the highlights of the year for the Indiana Seaplane Pilots Association is the annual Pokagon State Park Indiana Seaplane Fly-In, held every year in September.

2021 Fly-In Details


18th annual Pokagon State Park
Indiana Seaplane Fly-in
Saturday & Sunday,


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Friday and Saturday arrivals welcome.
Accommodations available at the Potawatomi Inn
Camping, cabins, and hotel 260-833-1077.

Those who venture in on Friday or Saturday: There will be a big barbeque and bonfire Saturday on my runway, and several restaurant choices within a couple minute walk from the house.

Free camping available on our property and runway. Shuttles to and from park provided.

The main public event will be:

  •  Sunday, which includes breakfast or brunch at your leisure
  •  Sunday arrivals all day
  •  Followed by flying (and telling tall tales) at the beachfront until you can’t take it anymore!
  • There will be a hard surface ramp for amphibs, and plenty of soft beaching at waterfront for floats.


Pilots:  Reminder

Thanks to ISPA's efforts, Lake James has been designated a PUBLIC Seaplane Base.  As a result, it is NO LONGER NECESSARY to get private permission in advance to attend this event.

ISPA thanks the State of Indiana's Department of Natural Resources and Department of Transportation for their cooperation in making this change and opening more Indiana waters to seaplanes.

NOTICE:  Attendance and participation in the Splash-In is at the pilot's own risk. 
Please be careful, considerate, and safe in your operations.  We are continually working to demonstrate that seaplanes are compatible users of Indiana lakes, in order to open more waters to seaplane access.

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Directions by car:

See map at right.

Directions by air:

Fly direct to Angola airport (KANQ) in the far northeast corner of Indiana, then fly out runway 05. You will overfly some water but keep your eyes out for an island with a house on it, then look 30 degrees to the north and you will see a large inn with a red roof… …

Or just dialing 0IE into your GPS will bring you right to Lake James.

That’s it!

Lake James Seaplane Base (01E)
  Lat Long
DDMMSS 41° 42' 10.58" N 85° 1' 28.60"W 41° 42.17640' N 85° 1.47660' W
DD.ddd 41.70294° N 85.02461° W

For more info please contact
Randy Strebig,

Help publicize the event by downloading the flyer, and posting it at a local airport or e-mailing it to friends.

(Image at right from, an excellent resource for seaplane pilots.)

Click map below to open VFR sectional chart from
Flight Planning

Indiana Seaplane Pilots Association
Contact:  Randy Strebig
President, Indiana Seaplane Pilots Association

Photo credit: Banner photo by Tero Lähdesmäki, used with permission.